Why Have My Tweets Stopped Showing On My Website?

June 21, 2013

This is a question I’m getting asked a lot at the minute. On the 11th of June Twitter turned off their version 1.0 of their API. This older version of the API has been used to create a lot of simple Twitter Feed Plugins. It allowed a quick and easy way to read Tweets and show them on a web page.

How Do I Fix It?

You need to upgrade to use the version 1.1 of the Twitter API. This is more complicated, as the newer API requires all requests to be authenticated. So now, a Twitter application and set of authorisation keys are required. It also means that you cannot easily get your Twitter feed if you have a static HTML website and your server does not support server side API calls.

The easiest way to implement a new Twitter feed on your webpage is to use this PHP library. Note that you will need PHP and the PHP cURL library to be on your web server.

If you need any assistance in implementing a new v1.1 Twitter feed on your website, please get in touch.