Landing Pages

October 31, 2016

A landing page is a web page which serves as the entry point for a website or a particular section of a website. So, it’s where a visitor will ‘land’ in order to start browsing the website. It could be a dedicated page, the website’s homepage, or indeed any page on the website where visitors can arrive from a search. While a dedicated landing page is usually well optimised to give a good first impression, it’s important to remember that in reality any page on your website could be a landing page and they all should be giving the best first impression possible.

Landing pages can be created as part of your SEO strategy, to create pages that will rank high and draw in visitors. However, you should consider if a landing page is even necessary… If your customers can do a Google search and already land on the page that is giving them exactly what they are looking for, then why get in their way?

The most common use of dedicated landing pages is to create a page to specifically direct visitors to, usually from an email marketing campaign. The landing page will have a specific goal, which could be to promote specific products and services or offer a discount coupon. Whatever the purpose of the landing page, there should be an obvious call to action and an easy way for the visitor to move on to another section of your website.

If you are planning a Christmas promotion, then consider creating a landing page on your website. It will offer a place for you to direct customers for more information, so you can keep your marketing emails to the point. You can promote very specific offers on a landing page, which you can target at specific customers. Once you’ve attracted their attention and they are on your website, chances are they will have a look around to see what other products and services you offer too.

Good luck!