Finding the balance between SEO and social

November 27, 2014

A guest post by Liz Thursfield

Liz Thursfield is a social media marketer.

Her company, Ariadne’s Thread, Has been specialising in helping people get the most out of social media for nearly 7 years.

Having a credible 'digital footprint' for your business has never been more important. Whilst websites are still a large part of the digital landscape, social media is becoming increasingly important. Liz teaches people how to use this valuable business asset effectively. She acts as an outsourced social media and copywriting resource for businesses wanting to sharpen their online focus.

Liz is also in the LinkedIn top 1% who are most endorsed for Social Media in the United Kingdom.


When you plan your social media presence what’s your priority? There are two main answers I get from people that are just starting out.

The most popular answer is ‘more sales’.

The second most popular answer I get is that people ‘want SEO’ from their social media presence.

The problem with these answers is that business owners are seeing social media as some form of electronic advertising or leafleting. They’re concentrating on ‘getting the message across’ rather than exploring the powerful advantages that interaction offers. (By interaction I don’t mean solely retweeting your mate’s tweets about their business – there is more that you can do!)

Having said that, you want your social media to add to your digital footprint and help people find you and your business on the Internet. That’s where the SEO aspect comes in.
Search engines like Google have sophisticated programmes (algorithms) that are actively out to spot people trying to “game” the system to get better results for their websites. By spewing out loads of updates containing your keywords you could actually be doing your visibility a disservice.

So what’s the solution?

Balance and variety!

Balance your output so that it contains some updates that could be perceived as ‘social’. Where did you go networking this morning? Who did you just meet for a 1-2-1? How great is your chosen charity doing this year? Apart from diluting the unremitting stream of pushy sales updates, these ‘softer’ topics establish the reputation of you and your business as a living entity and not just somewhere that’s desperate for customers. It also helps with your SEO…

Have a variety of topics that are unique to each channel that you use. Why would someone follow you on three different social media platforms just to see the same message pop up? Some things are great for all platforms. If you’ve won an award then you’ll want to shout about it on every medium you can – and fair enough. However, each social media platform has its own culture and etiquette. It pays to play to those preferences as much as possible.

Keywords and phrases are important and you do need to make sure that they appear, but not in every update or blog post. Try answering someone else’s post and start a conversation, then you’ll start reaping the rewards of the social side and still support your SEO.

For more help with your social media marketing, visit Ariadne’s Thread.