Facebook Page Reach Explained

March 01, 2014

Reach is the number of unique Facebook users who see your page content. There are different types of reach that go towards the final reach calculation of a post. When you publish content to your page and your fans see that content, this is organic reach. If any of your fans like, comment or share your post this will create a story in their friends’ news feeds. Friends of your fans who see these stories are counted as viral reach. Organic reach and viral reach are now calculated under the same metric. If you buy Facebook adverts, this will generate paid reach.

You can examine your page’s reach by clicking on the ‘See Insights’ tab on your page and then going to the ‘Reach’ section.

Where to find your Facebook page insights

How Do I Increase Facebook Page Reach?

What You Post

Write quality content. Your fans will share your content if they find it useful, interesting or entertaining. Use the ‘Posts’ section within your page Insights to examine what has worked for your page in the past. Look for posts with high engagement and consider a similar strategy for future posts.

When You Post It

Schedule your posts to appear at times when your fans are online. The ‘Posts’ section of your Insights page will show you what days and times your fans are most active on Facebook.

Let Fans Post

You can generate some valuable viral reach by allowing Facebook users to post to your page. When a user posts on your page, the post will appear as a story in the news feed of that users friends.

Boosting Posts

Paying for reach will extend the visibility of your post to beyond your fans and their friends. Advertise your top performing posts, using the ‘Boost Post’ button to get the best return on investment, as you already know they have high engagement. Remember that you can also get viral and organic reach (for free) when somebody engages with a paid advert!


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