Essential WordPress Maintenance Jobs For The Holiday

December 20, 2014

The Christmas break is a very popular time for people to sit and have a tinker with their website. You’re most likely thinking of changing the layout, re-writing your content and optimising your keywords. All worthwhile jobs, but here are some equally important tasks you should be thinking of doing too:

1. Software updates

Check that you are using the latest version of WordPress and that all your themes and plugins are up to date. This will ensure that your website has the latest features, bug fixes and security patches. You can see if there are any updates available when you log into your WordPress admin panel.

2. Check your backups

Ensure that you have backups running. This can be done either through your hosting company or with WordPress itself if you have a backup plugin. Either way, make sure that some of your backups are being stored separately from your website, then all your eggs aren’t in one basket! The simplest way you can do this is to periodically download your backup files and save them on your own computer. Finally, consider trying a test restore of your backups. This will put your mind at ease that you can get everything up and running again if you need to.

3. Tidy up

Deactivate and remove any plugins or themes that you aren’t using. Deactivating any unnecessary plugins will enhance the speed of your website, however the removal part is important here. If the files are still there then your website is still open to any vulnerabilities that might exist in the code – this is true even if the plugin is deactivated.

Remember that a website is for life, not just for Christmas! Have a great holiday everyone.