Domain Hacks

September 22, 2013

With 252 million domain names now registered, the chance of finding a good one that hasn’t already been taken is quite slim. Everyone is having to get creative. That is why I decided to use a domain hack for my website – which eventually became my company name.

A domain hack is when a TLD (Top Level Domain) is concatenated with the main domain name to make a word. It’s often used to create very short domain names, such as the popular URL shortening service. is another popular one.

You can register a domain name in many other countries, but you have to find one that will allow you to register one of their domains even if you don’t live there. You will need to consider whether you are comfortable trading with the country which administers the TLD where you want to purchase. Countries that are involved in a war will probably have other priorities than your domain name.

Many countries, including the UK, only allow registrations under second level domains. For example, you can register a or a domain, but you cannot have just .uk so this does limit the possibilities for domain hacks.

My domain name was registered with a Libyan registrar called Libyan Spider. It was significantly more expensive than the cost of a .com or domain name, plus it took a few days for the registration to go through as I assume they do not have the automated systems that we are used to from more popular registrars. Although it was a little more difficult to register, I now have a nice short and memorable domain name.