Choosing A Good Domain Name

August 22, 2013

Usually a website is named the same as its domain name, this makes it easy for people to remember the website and its address on the internet. This isn’t a strict rule that has to be followed. Take B&Q for example, is their domain name.

Picking a domain name can be difficult, especially with most of the short and easy to remember ones now gone. If your website is for a new company, it makes sense to find a suitable domain name and then name your business after the domain you have purchased.

Some search engines give preference to keywords that are contained in a domain name. If you can include one or more of your keywords in your domain name, you can benefit from this. It’s important not to do this at the expense of making the domain name easy to say, spell and type.

Here are a few things to consider when picking your domain name:

  • A short domain name will be easier to remember, providing it is meaningful. Initialisms should be avoided as sequences of letters are harder to remember and type than words.
  • Hyphens should be avoided as these will make the name more difficult to remember and tricky to type. It’s too easy to get the hyphens in the wrong place, or mixed up with underscores. This will mean that visitors will not reach your site, or even worse, will get to one of your competitors websites instead.
  • Don’t include numbers in your domain name. If you have to say your domain name to somebody, rather than write it down, it won’t be clear whether you need the numeral or to spell out the number.
  • Avoid homophones and words that are notoriously difficult to spell.
  • Think about how easy it is to say your domain name. You don’t want to have to spell out every word each time you give somebody the address. Be careful of using plurals of words too. If somebody misses off the ‘s’ they won’t get to your website.
  • Check what it looks like when written down. “therapist” might be read as “the rapist”. Some other bad examples are “Pen Island” and “Experts Exchange”.

By all means, get some SEO keywords in your domain name, but think about the people visiting as well as the search engines!